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NFL Playoff Picks Against The Spread: Drew Brees Leads The New Orleans Saints Into Qwest Field Against The Seattle Seahawks

It's finally here, the NFL playoffs -- that storied time where legends are made and reputations are won. The wonderful world of do-or-die football begins with the wildcard round this weekend and SB Nation Arizona has its own role to play. Our team of "experts" has been beating the spread consistently throughout the year, besting the Vegas odd-makers at their own game. Now we will look at all four of the wildcard matchups, starting with the Seattle Seahawks versus the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints -10.5 @ Seattle Seahawks 

It seems to me that this game is about as much of a "lock" as can exist in the unpredictable world of professional sports. The defending Super Bowl champs squaring off against the -- on paper -- worst playoff team in the history of the NFL. Hell, these two played earlier this year and it was a total destruction. Drew Brees threw four touchdowns on route to a 34-19 butt-whopping in the Superdome.

But still, in pro sports everybody always has a puncher's chance. Really, that's the beauty of it. The idea is anything can happen at any time is what keeps us all watching these games year after year.

The Seahawks' puncher's chance? The 12th man.

Qwest Field is well known as one of the loudest, most difficult places to play. If Seattle can build up some early momentum, their home crowd may be able to work wonders.

Though, it should be noted, if the biggest thing you have going for your team is the stadium, you're probably in trouble.

Prediction: Saints 31, Seahawks 17. In a game that is closer than most expected, Seattle keeps it close before New Orleans pulls away in the second half.