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NFL Playoff Picks Against The Spread: New York Jets Face Peyton Manning And The Indianapolis Colts On Saturday Night

It's finally here, the NFL playoffs -- that storied time where legends are made and reputations are won. The wonderful world of do-or-die football begins with the wildcard round this weekend and SB Nation Arizona has its own role to play. Our team of "experts" has been beating the spread consistently throughout the season, besting the Vegas odd-makers at their own game. We will look at all four of the wildcard matchups, the next of which is the New York Jets versus the Indianapolis Colts.

Indianapolis Colts -2.5 vs. New York Jets

In case you hadn't heard, Rex Ryan really wants this. Ryan's personal vendetta is well documented. The brash coach even went as far as proclaiming, "I say it personally: he has cost me two rings." Well no one ever mistook ole Rexy for the quiet type.

Still, bizarre revenge scenarios aside, this might actually be the year the Ryan gets his wish. The Colts have been more inconsistent this season than they have in other year of the past decade. The team is riddled with holes, and has been fraught with injuries from the get-go. 

While the Jets haven't exactly lit up the league week-in-week-out, their defense remains as stout as ever, finishing third overall in the NFL -- and more importantly -- sixth against the pass.

If there was ever a year that the Colts were susceptible to Ryan's schemes, this would be it. You can never doubt Peyton Manning when his back is against the wall (especially in a night game, where his record is incredible), but, as history has proven, one man can only carry a team so far. 

Prediction: Jets 20, Colts 17. Rex Ryan finally gets his revenge as the New York defense shuts down a depleted and flawed Indianapolis squad.