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Steve Nash Is So Awesome That It Takes Two Graphs To Explain

Our pal, Evan Dunlap from SB, has put together the definitive exploration of the league's great point guards in what he rightly calls, "The Year of the Point Guard". Guess which point guard comes out smelling like roses when all the numbers are crunched? Hint, it's not Derrick Rose. Steve Nash, that's who.


According to Dunlap's calculations, Nash is one of the few point guards who's efficiency stats for both shooting and passing are in the "totally awesome" quadrant of the graph. What's even cooler is that Nash also ranks "awesome" when it comes to pure productivity numbers for assists and points. Bottom line, Captain Awesome is having a fantastic season and is right up there at the top of the heap in offensive numbers amongst all point guards.


Why would the Suns trade this guy again?


Check it out the full story at SB and while you are there, peep your eyes on this neat-o story that shows how Arizona ranks compared to all other markets in home field advantage across all sports. In times like these, any good news deserves some props.