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NFL Playoff Scenarios, Week 17: Picture Taking Shape After Morning Games, Steelers And Falcons Clinch

The morning games are over and we have a bit more clarity in the NFL playoff picture. There weren't a ton of scenarios coming into the final week of the NFL season as compared to other years but as usual, there were a few things up for grabs. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons are two teams that won their divisions with victories today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers by virtue of their 41-9 drubbing of the Cleveland Browns have now secured the AFC North and get the all important first round bye. In the AFC East, the New England Patriots had nothing to play for but that didn't stop them from destroying the Miami Dolphins 38-1. The Kansas City Chiefs had already locked up the AFC West but failed to garner the No. 3 seed when they feel to the Oakland Raiders, 31-10. The Chiefs now need the Indianapolis Colts to lose their afternoon game to the Tennessee Titans or they end up with the fourth seed.

In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons rolled over the hapless Carolina Panthers, 31-10, and earned themselves the NFC South Title and a first-round bye. The New Orleans Saints helped out both the Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by losing 23-13 to Tampa. The Bucs still need both the Giants and Packers to lose this afternoon if they hope to back into the playoffs.