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Phoenix Suns Must Crush The Cleveland Cavaliers, Ticket Sales Demand It

The challenge for the Phoenix Suns tonight in Cleveland to not just to win their fifth game in six tries but to stomp on the hapless Cavaliers. The progress for this Suns team since the embarrassing a$$-whoopings at the hands of the Nuggets and Knicks has been slow and steady. An overtime home win over the Nets was followed by nice, but not overly impressive, victories over the Trail Blazers and the revenge game in New York.

Now it's time to man-up and put a beating on the Cavs. The team needs the confidence boost and the fans need to see more than just signs of life. Oh, and the franchise who recently announced sweeping cuts to season ticket prices as part of their early push for renewals, could certainly use the extra revenue generated by the enthusiasm that comes from a blow out. 

The Cavs (8-32) are a team that was struggling to win games when they had their full roster. Like many teams with losing records, they are starting to drop players at a rapid pace as guys simply don't see the point in risking their bodies for a bad team.

Starting point guard Mo Williams will reportedly miss tonight's game due to a hip flexor injury. He joins Christian Eyenga (ankle), Daniel Gibson (ankle), Anthony Parker (back), and Joey Graham (quad strain) on the list of soft tissue injury cases. Only Leon Powe (knee) and Anderson Varejao (foot) are out due to surgery. 

Other than J.J. Hickson, Antwan Jamison and Ramon Sessions, it is unlikely that the Cavs will be able to start any players who would even be seeing regular rotation minutes for most other teams let alone starting in the NBA. Between the injury "bug" and the loss of LeBron, this team is sinking fast and the Suns need to show a killer instinct and pounce.

The Suns needed a late fourth quarter surge to beat this same depleted bunch when the teams meet in Phoenix just 10 days ago. But that was then and this is (possibly) a revitalized squad who is once again going to the movies together and sending out fun Tweets.

The game tips off at 5:00 p.m. local time (7 p.m. ET) and is broadcast locally on My45 in the Phoenix area and on Sports 620 KTAR radio. Fans can follow along with the live game thread at Bright Side of the Sun.