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NBA Power Rankings, Where the San Antonio Spurs Make Winning Boring (Again)

A review of the various NBA Power Rankings that have the Suns anywhere from 16 (wohoo!) to 20 (boo!).

Leave it to the San Antonio Spurs to change up their offense -- aka bring it into the 21st Century -- and go from being a boring, grind it out defensive team to being a boring, run the ball, offensive team. Oh, Gregg Popovich, it's your world and we are all just squirrels trying to save a buck. Or find a nut. Or whatever it is you want us to do.

The Spurs are now breaking records with their 35-6 start and look poised to knock off the Lakers for first seed in the West. The scary thing is, they are basically resting Tim Duncan so far and haven't yet gotten much meaningful production from Tiago Splitter who will probably start playing well just in time to roll into the playoffs as the much-needed second big the Spurs interior defense is lacking.

Even scarier -- or more fun depending on your outlook in life -- the Phoenix Suns still have a fighting chance to secure the eighth seed in the West and earn the right to face the Spurs in the first round. Of course, at this point there's very few people outside of Arizona who even think the Suns will even be in the playoffs and you can't really blame them. The worst defensive team in the league usually doesn't qualify and the Suns are still the worst defensive team in the league. THE WORST.

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