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NFL Playoff Schedule On Sunday Kicks Off With Seattle Seahawks At Chicago Bears

Football fans will be pleased to know that the NFL playoff schedule includes another two games on Sunday. The NFC and AFC Divisional games will determibne who will survive another week and have their berth in the NFC or AFC Championship Game. The first on the TV schedule are the surprising Seattle Seahawks visiting Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears.

The Seahawks, who pulled off the unlikely victory over the defending champ New Orleans Saints, are led by quarterback Matt Hasselback. Running back Marshawn Lynch will find tougher times running the ball, but will seek to punish the Bears defense when he runs with the ball. The whole team wishes to prove the world wrong and show everyone that they belong not only in the playoffs, but also in the Super Bowl.

Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler will be making his first career playoff start. This is where he is a bit of an uncertainty. He can as easily have a four TD game as he can throw threee interceptions and cost the Bears the game. Luckily, the gameplan will likely include a heavy dose of Matt Forte and the hope that returner Devin Hester can break one and score a special team's touchdown.

On the defensive side of the ball, Seattle features an aging Mosi Tatupu while the Bears defense is seeking for a shutout behind the leadership of Brian Urlacher. Who will prevail in this cold weather game? Tune in on Sunday.


Full NFL Playoff Weekend Schedule:



Ravens vs. Steelers (CBS, 4:30 pm ET/ 2:30 pm MT)

Packers vs. Falcons (Fox, 8pm ET  /6 pm MT)



Bears vs. Seahawks (Fox, 1pm ET/11am MT)

Patriots vs. Jets (CBS, 4:30 pm ET/ 2:30 pm MT)