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NFL Playoff Picks Against The Spread: Heated Rivalry Between New England Patriots And New York Jets Picks Up Right Where It Left Off

The NFL playoffs continue on with the divisional round. All four road teams won last week, and that was sure to upset the Vegas odds-makers dearly. This week they are out for revenge, but don't fear, our team of "experts" has been beating the spread the whole year. Now we will look at the last matchup of the weekend, the New York Jets versus the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots -8.5 vs. New York Jets

Before the week began, the Jets had a chance. Look, say you're the Patriots. You never want to face a division rival in the playoffs. It's hard enough to see a team a twice in the regular season. A third time? At that point, it's all out there. They know your tricks and you know theirs.

But, of course, that all crumbled when the Jets did what they always do. Really Rex Ryan? Really Antonio Cromartie??? This stuff fuels the Patriots fire harder than any Belichick speech ever could. Anthony Smith can attest to it.

Besides, isn't it hard to talk smack when your team got absolutely smashed the last time you met your upcoming opponent?

Still, that's a big spread. To be honest it's starting to feel like a trap. Expect a close game with the Patriots pulling out the win in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter.

Prediction: Patriots 20, Jets 17.