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NFL Playoff Picks Against The Spread: Surprise Surprise, The Seattle Seahawks Visit The Chicago Bears

The NFL playoffs continue on with the divisional round. All four road teams won last week, and that was sure to upset the Vegas odds-makers dearly. This week they are out for revenge, but don't fear, our team of "experts" has been beating the spread the whole year. Now we will look at Sunday's first battle (that nobody expected), the Seattle Seahawks versus the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears -10 vs. Seattle Seahawks

You know, for all the flak the NFC West takes from the national media, I'd like to hear someone explain this little stat to me. Since 2005, the "worst division in the NFL" has had the best postseason record out of any division in the entire NFL. Yep, you heard that right. The NFC West's 9-5 record (which includes two Super Bowl representatives) is better than the Patriots' AFC East; better than the always overrated NFC East; and even better than the vaunted AFC North. You like apples? How ‘bout them apples?

Still, hometown bragging aside, Seattle's victory shocked the country. The team with the worst record in playoff history beating the defending champions? That sounds like bad sports movie with Woody Harrelson playing the old, broken-down coach searching for one last shot at glory.

But somehow it happened. And then Vegas comes and lays another ten points on these ‘Hawks, acting like nothing ever transpired. That just reeks of fishiness.

The whole season, I haven't been sold on the Bears. Any team with Jay Cutler is just destined for heartbreak. Call him Rex Grossman version 2.0.

Imagine if the Seahawks beat the Bears, and somehow found themselves hosting the NFC championship game in Seattle against the Green Bay Packers. Didn't the Cardinals write that storybook a few years ago? It might just happen again.

Prediction:  Seattle Seahawks 32, Chicago Bears 20. The "gunslinger" side of Jay Cutler rears its ugly head, throwing multiple interceptions in a game eerily reminiscent of the Cardinals/Panthers matchup of 2008.