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If Auburn's Plan Was To Make Darron Thomas Beat Them...

It’s working. Thomas has 249 passing yards and a TD with 2 picks in this game, but the Ducks have only 74 rushing yards through three quarters, With 13:24 to go and the ball on their own 16, the Ducks are in major need of a touchdown.

Auburn isn’t going to get fooled again, more than likely, so Kelly has to go deeper into the playbook. Fairley gets away with a face mask, or so it looked to me, but Oregon converts a third-and-18. Huge.

Fourth-and-8 with 11:08 to go, and the Ducks opt to punt. The right call, too early to go for it and Kelly is trying to pin the Tigers deep. Rice punts to the 21, 25-yard punt.

Auburn ball, 11 minutes to go, again, the Ducks must prevent any points. Their offense is quick-strike but not today, Auburn has grounded it for the most part.