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Huskies Execute Two-Minute Drill

Don’t count out UConn just yet. Oklahoma has scored on all but one possession, but the Huskies just ran the two-minute offense to near-perfection and got points out of it with a 37-yard Dave Teggart field goal 26 seconds before halftime.

That drive was one of UConn’s best of the game. Perhaps the Huskies should consider a faster tempo to keep the Sooners on their heels in the second half.

It’s 20-10 Oklahoma. UConn remains in striking distance and considering that coach Randy Edsall was victimized by a non-called pass interference that would have been a first down and got his offense stopped when he decided to go for it on fourth down earlier in the game, UConn could be a lot closer on the scoreboard.

Sopapillas and churros in the press box = recipe for media feeding frenzy at halftime.