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Fiesta Bowl: Jordan Todman Struggles To Find Forward Momentum In First Quarter

Jordan Todman is the lifeblood of the Connecticut Huskies offense, rushing for over 1,500 yards in the 2010 season. The Oklahoma Sooners were well aware of this when they designed their defensive game plan for the 2011 Fiesta Bowl. In the first quarter, Todman was only able to pick up 9 yards on eight rushing attempts.

The Sooners dared UConn QB Zach Fraser to pass the ball, and so far he has completed 6 of 8 passes for 49 yards. However, the Huskies have yet to score any points and their slow, plodding style of play isn't benefiting them.

Oklahoma QB Landry Jones completed all six of his passes on the first Sooners drive, resulting in a 7-0 lead and an explosion of noise from the mostly red-colored crowd. Without an adjustment to the Connecticut defensive scheme, this Fiesta Bowl could be a snoozer.