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Managers Pregame Notes: Gibby Wants To Come Back Next Season, But Focused On This One

Quick notes from today's pregame manager's media chat session:

  • Mark Reynolds is back in the lineup tonight and hitting sixth.
  • The D-backs had a community event today at a local St. Vincent De Paul serving meals to homeless people. Gibson is supportive of this type of giving back and wants his young players to realize how lucky they are and stay humble.

    "If I'm back here next year, we'll do a lot more stuff like that. We can probably make it into something really and truly special." As for his own status as interim manager, Gibson is just focused on finishing out the season but added, "I certainly want to be back, and I certainly feel that I can help take the organization where we need to go."
  • Gibson is encouraged by the team's young pitching core of Enright, Kennedy and Hudson but remains cautious.

    "I'm encouraged by what they've done. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome. The thing about this game is you can never really let your guard down and say ‘we're all set.' It doesn't work like that. You can't paint the picture. You're not the artist. You can dream about what it is going to be, but you can't paint it."
  • On the development of Miguel Montero as a catcher: "He's come a long way, yet so far to go. I played until I was 38, and I still felt like I had to get better and learn things until the last day I played. I expect he will do the same thing."