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WNBA WCF Game 2: Mercury Facing Elimination Vow to Battle Back

"Do it again in 2010"

That's the Phoenix Mercury marketing slogan for this year's playoff run and today it will be tested for the first time as the playoff run that so far is only three-games deep is facing it's first elimination battle.

It's a position the Mercury are familiar with and not all that concerned about. The first game in Seattle is easily ignored between Taurasi's fluke poor shooting game and the generally flat play from both sides.

Look for the Mercury to play with a little more pep in their step and a little less zone in their D.

Game time is noon, Arizona. The game will be broadcast on ABC TV.

Game notes:

  • Phoenix is 8-2 all-time in elimination games and 7-0 in the last two seasons.
  • No team in WNBA history has beaten another team seven times in one season as the Storm have done so far this summer.
  • Of course, Diana Tauarsi has never lost a playoff series in her seven-year career.

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