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College Football Rankings, Week 5: Arizona Wildcats Hang On To 14

That Arizona team in Tucson is now 4-0 on the season and has managed to hang on to the 14 spot in both the AP and USA Today polls

It wasn't exactly a convincing win for the Wildcats but at the end of the night they did edge out the Cal Bears and they did get the win.

From here things will only get tougher as Oregon State comes to Southern Arizona next week. Fresh off their loss to Boise State which bounced them out of the top 25, the Beavers will be looking for a win and Arizona will have to play a lot better than they did on Saturday to deny them.

As our Wildcat blog AZ Desert Swarm points out, one area that will need to be addressed is penalties:


Cal @ Arizona Game recap. - Arizona Desert Swarm
The Wildcats had as many rushing yards, 99, as they gave up in penalties.

The penalties. True, the officials made some mystifying calls. But overall, I agree with coach Stoops on this one. "We made a lot of mistakes. We made a lot of selfish plays, and our discipline wasn’t very good when it needed to be." I am sure that over the next two weeks, the Arizona coaching staff will be aggressively reminding the players that penalties are unacceptable.