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Brandon Webb Ready To Pitch, Diamondbacks Might Not Oblige

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Brandon Webb pitched another simulated game today. He threw about 35 pitches and says his velocity is in the mid-80's on his sinker. He threw the curve and change up as well.

"I think it went excellent," Webb said in front of his locker to the media assembled for the purpose of hearing his self-described report.

Obviously, it's in Webb's career interests to be as optimistic and positive as possible about his status. He will be a free agent after this season and hasn't pitched in a live game in two full seasons.

The Cy Young award winner is very much aware of the importance for him to get back on the mound this season.

"I think I probably have more to lose if I don't go out there and throw (this season). If I just go out there and show everybody I'm healthy, I'm throwing 85 to 88 -- which I think is totally possible -- throwing some strikes, I think that's a huge positive," he said.

For the Diamondbacks, there can't be much incentive to help Webbie showcase himself for other teams. This is something Brandon is also aware of and will be discussing with new general manager Kevin Towers on Monday.

"Hopefully we can see eye-to-eye on that and do it. I'm looking forward to sitting down with them and talking on Monday."

Webb admits he's not in mid-season form but proclaimed himself fully able to pitch from a health standpoint. 

Even though it might not benefit the Diamondbacks to let Webb pitch before this season ends (and potentially increase his free agent value) it's a right he hopes he's earned based on what he's done for the team.

It will be an interesting early decision for Kevin Towers.