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Kirk Gibson Pregame Notes: More Time With Towers, Brandon Allen Update, Justin Upton Not Shut Down

Interim manager wouldn't say much about his job situation but he seemed pretty encouraged based on the rare smile that was on his face while talking about his initial meeting with new GM Kevin Towers.

"I hope to spend more time with (Kevin Towers) so he understands what my goals are and what my philosophy is. I went through this in 2005 with a similar situation and it didn't end good so we're hoping it will end better," Gibby said.

Gibby said he feels like you have to prove yourself every day in this game so it's nothing new "except you get more calls from your wife." 


  • Gibby was obviously very pleased with the way Joe Saunders pitched last night (1 run, 8 innings) and also raved about Gutierrez performance in the ninth inning. He said Guti has pitched very well since taking some time off and letting his shoulder rest.
  • Brandon Allen is in the lineup today (batting 7th and playing in left field). Gibby said he's not had a ton of playing time but so far his defense at first base and in the outfield has been good and he called him a good character guy that gets along well in the clubhouse. 
  • As for Allen's hitting (he's averaging .259), Gibby said this, "It's different up here. He's a very good mistake hitter. The thing about being in the big leagues is we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses and you want to learn to deal (with) and cover up your weaknesses but really work on your strengths. He gets a pitch he can handle, he hits it well."
  • Justin Upton is out of the lineup again today but not officially "shut down" for the season. The team wants him to get healthy before he goes home. He's been working hard and the team is going to keep pushing him.