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Dennis Erickson On The Stress Of Coaching

The Sun Devils coach was recently asked if Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio's heart attack suffered after his team's game on Saturday was cause for Erickson to re-evaluate his own job and how he approaches it.

"I can't change the past," Erickson said. "I don't ever worry about that. I feel great. Now that you mention it I'll probably go down and get on the treadmill for about an hour." 

That drew a few chuckles from the Dutson Theater crowd. Dantonio's Spartans beat Notre Dame on a trick play at the end of the game last Saturday.

"I love this game. I'll do it until they yank me out of here, " Erickson added. "Just go and go and go. It happens a lot...for a win like that, I'd probably have one, too." 

Erickson said he works out every day and tries to take the stress off with exercise.

"You've got to do something, you really do. You keep stuff inside you, it catches up with you," Erickson said.