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NFC West Report: Week 2

Since Justin Burning is taking care of a good/bad report from each Cardinals game, I've decided I needed to get my own pound of flesh from the NFL week that was.

Though Week 2 was particularly rough on the Cardinals, they lost exactly no ground in the NFC West since everyone lost. I would imagine that won't be the last time I lead with that sentence.

Week 2 Results:

Atlanta Falcons 41 Arizona Cardinals 7 - If you've yet to read anything about this game then this is probably your first time on the internet, or more specifically to SB Nation Arizona. The Falcons were incredibly rude hosts and bashed the Cardinals' teeth in until they had about one left. 

Denver Broncos 31 Seattle Seahawks 14 - Denver took a 17-point lead into halftime and was basically never threatened by Seattle. What killed the Seahawks in this game were two Matt Hasselbeck interceptions (he added a third for good measure) inside the Denver 30 during the first half. Golden Tate helped spur a mini-rally in the second half when he set up a Seattle touchdown with a 52-yard punt return, but the glory was short-lived.

Oakland Raiders 16 St. Louis Rams 14 - The Rams actually led this game 7-3 going into halftime until the Raiders pulled the ol' QB switerchoo and stormed back to victory behind the arm of Bruce Gradkowski. Yup, that's a thing that actually happened. Sam Bradford found his new go-to guy Mark Clayton for a late touchdown to draw St. Louis within two, but a personal foul penalty against the Rams on the next Raider drive helped Oakland salt away the win. Bradford was 14/25 for 167 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the day. 

New Orleans Saints 25 San Francisco 49ers 22 - Facing the defending world champs on Monday Night Football, you'd think a early nine-point deficit and four turnovers would bury a team headed up by Alex Smith. However, the Niners hung right in with New Orleans and even tied the game with just over a minute left following a Frank Gore TD run and two-point conversion pass to Vernon Davis. Unfortunately for those in the Bay Area, just over a minute is really all Drew Brees needs, as he guided the Saints down the field for a game-winning field goal.


Seahawks 1-1

Cardinals 1-1

49ers 0-2

Rams 0-2

Week 3 Games:

Raiders @ Cardinals - No matter how badly the Cardinals lost last week, it actually only counts for one loss. If the ship is able to be righted then it should happen in a home opener against a Raiders team that doesn't know what quarterback it's going to start yet.

49ers @ Chiefs - Kansas City is 2-0! They beat the Chargers and then pulled out a road win against Cleveland -- this means they're awesome, right? I don't care that they are home here or not, San Francisco is not losing this game and falling to 0-3. No matter how much of a clown Mike Singletary is.

Redskins @ Rams - The Rams are better than they were a year ago; they've been in their first two games into the dying minutes and I can't imagine that they win just one game again this year. That said, I don't think they can stop the Redskins. Week 4 home against Seattle or Week 5 on the road in Detroit look like good opportunities for wins.

Chargers @ Seahawks - Although they got worked on the road against Denver, the Seahawks really are a different team when in the friendly confines of Qwest Field. But 12th man or not, if San Diego's offense is humming like it was last week against Jacksonville, all the yelling in the world might not matter.