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Kurt Warner Shakes His Money-Maker, Brenda Approves

Welcome to the 11th season of Dancing With The Stars, featuring former Cardinal Quarterback Kurt Warner and his wholesome reputation, with a side of Brenda keeping a close eye on that hussy his partner Anna Trebunskaya. Kurt was challenged with dancing the Viennese Waltz, which, to this uninformed viewer, appears to be a homage to wearing a neck brace while acting out "Look, I'm a butterfly" in charades.

Despite the interesting sartorial choice of Anna in fuchsia and Kurt obviously showing up late and having to borrow a suit from Bruno, the dance was pretty good. Certainly good enough for the first week and much better than the waltz attempted Rick Fox and his giant blinding white chompers or Margaret Cho's fluttery-gold-wings-rhythm-gymnastic-debacle.

Kurt displayed his winning personality and scored 19/30 from the judges, while Bruno got a bit hot and bothered, Carrie was all "so debonair" fluttery-hand gesture-y and Len was unimpressed. Which, for you newbie viewer, is all par for the course on DWTS. Looks like Kurt's got plenty of competition with that chubby Disney kid (if he makes top five, I'll learn his name), Jennifer Gray's fancy new nose and former chart-topping singer Brandy.

Anna and Kurt ended up in a tie for fifth, which puts that secret plan of Coach Whisenhunt's to get Kurt voted off in week 1 and then be all wandering around the house at loose ends driving Brenda crazy so maybe he'll wander down to the practice field in jeopardy. Although I'm a bit suspicious that the wrong 800 number was posted to vote for Kurt, so maybe Whiz has a high tech scheme up his sleeve.