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The Good And The Bad From Week 2

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Five Things That Were Good

1. It's going to be tough to find five good things about this game. I guess first off was Tim Hightower's improved performance, running for 115 yards on 11 carries, including the team's only touchdown. Also, no fumbles.

2. It's only Week 2, and everyone expected the Cardinals to lose to the Falcons, so that's something, I guess.

3. The Arizona Cardinals, under Ken Whisenhunt, have been very resilient. Last season, the team managed to avoid back-to-back losses. Let's hope that trend continues.

4. No one got seriously injured. If you're going to get pummeled, it's always fantastic when you can avoid adding injury to insult.

5. The Cards play Oakland next, a team that isn't sure who its quarterback will be. Plus, the game's at home, so it's a nice opportunity to pick up a W.

Five Things That Were Bad

1. The defense as a whole was about as terrible as I've ever seen it. If, after Michael Turner was injured, the Falcons had inserted an elderly man with gout as running back, they'd still have gashed the Cards' porous D-line.

2. Penalties, penalties, penalties. Although some of the calls can be blamed on boneheaded refs, there were a number of them that were just mental lapses. Seemed like every other play, a yellow flag was down.

3. The Cardinals couldn't bribe the Gods for a third-down conversion. Over their first two games, the Red Birds are 5-for-21 when it comes to converting on third down, including an atrocious 0-for-8 yesterday.

4. Derek Anderson turned in a very Derek Anderson-like performance, hovering right around that 55% mark in accuracy and throwing two picks to finish with a fantabulous 42.5 QB rating.

5. We're used to the Suns allowing no-name players to have career games, but now the Cardinals have joined the fun. Third-string Falcons RB Jason Snelling went off, running for 129 yards on 24 carries (for two TDs) and catching five passes for 57 yards and a TD.