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Taking Laps: Reaction To Falcons Thumping Cardinals

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What they are saying...

Andrew at Revenge of the Birds blog has a list of things that went wrong. Here's an abbreviated version.

Revenge Of The Birds - For Arizona Cardinals Fans
Derek Anderson's leash should be very short right now. He didn't play well last week against the Rams -- sqeeking out a win. This week he continued to struggle and couldn't lead the Cardinals offense into the red zone or get one third down -- none.

  • I won't start calling for his head just yet but I was ready to see Max Hall in the second half. 
  • The defense has the talent, just not he right coordinator. Bill Davis has disappointed me so far this year.
  • Ken Whisenhunt isn't taking chances. 
  • Penalties have murdered the Cardinals.

Understandably, the mood in Hotlanta is more upbeat...

Falcons Rise Up To .500 With 41-7 Blowout Of Cardinals - SB Nation Atlanta
Matt Ryan threw for 225 yards and tied a career-high with three touchdown passes. Jason Snelling added 186 total yards and three touchdowns as the Falcons get to 1-1.

The Falcoholic - For Atlanta Falcons Fans
It's hard not to revel when your Falcons  take what is, at least on paper, a quality team and utterly annihilates them. Matt Ryan was efficient and effective, Jason Snelling was awesome, Roddy White kept things going and the offensive line recovered. That's to say nothing of the defense, which collected picks and sacks against a hapless Derek Anderson.

And from the local media...

Arizona Cardinals dominated by Atlanta Falcons
The Cardinals responded by making nearly every mistake possible. They were penalized eight times in the first half, including a holding call that nullified a kick return for a touchdown by LaRod Stephens-Howling.

Lost Trip To Atlanta
“We won’t make excuses,” Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said, after his team was hammered, 41-7, by the Falcons Sunday at the Georgia Dome. “We got a butt whooping. And sometimes, it takes a butt whooping.”


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Cardinals Postgame Press Conference