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Cardinals Vs. Falcons: First Half Of Horrors For Cardinals, Down 24-7

Could that have gone any worse for the Cardinals? Probably. They did "only" have one turnover and they did manage to bust off one good play for an 80-yard Tim Hightower touch down run. Not much else positive beyond that.

Derek Anderson has a very Anderson-like 50 percent completion rate (10-for-20) for 112 yards. He's been sacked twice and picked off once. Larry Fitzgerald has three receptions for 46 yards.

Outside of Hightower's big run, the Cardinals haven't done much on the ground either - 15 yards on 6 carries.

The Cardinals have 7 first downs and are 0-for-5 on third down conversions. 

The defense has allowed the Falcons to run all over the field for a total of 261 yards (136 rushing). Matt Ryan has a passer rating of 128.7 on the strength of 13-for-18 passing for 127 yards.

Outside the poor offense and horrible defense, the Cardinals have racked up 84 yards on 8 penalties. That's not going to get it down.

Let's see if some Coach Whiz head-busting will have any effect on the second half.