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Final Thoughts: Iowa and Arizona, 30 Minutes Until Kickoff

The crowd is just now funneling into Arizona Stadium, but the Zona Zoo has been here for hours. There is a sense of urgency in the crowd, as legions of visiting Iowa fans have already taken root in the upper deck.

This will be a sellout, and the Wildcat fans are already invigorated by the Sun Devils' unfortunate loss this afternoon in Wisconsin. With the marching band entering the stadium through the north entrance, both teams are making their final preparations on the field - Iowa is practicing their extra point tries in an homage to ASU.

This game will feature a very loud, very boisterous crowd that has been tailgating all afternoon and looking forward to this moment for months. The culmination of a year's work is on the line tonight for the Wildcats, and the preparation that went into this game will go a long way in deciding who leaves the field the winner.

Iowa is the better team, but Arizona will receive a lot of momentum from the home field advantage.

Prediction: Arizona 28, Iowa 20