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AZ Desert Swam Predicts Arizona Victory (Shocker)

Our friends over at AZ Desert Swarm have unanimously projected the University of Arizona to beat the Iowa Hawkeyes tomorrow night in Tucson.

uofafanatic- Arizona wins, 21-14

So for my part, I feel optimistic. There has been much made of the Iowa defense over the past couple of weeks. And they certainly have a decent defensive resume. Iowa allowed only 15 points per game last season.

Offensively, I am not so sure. For all the talk of a balanced Iowa offense, there seems to be a glaring weak spot at QB. Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi passed for 17 TDs and 15 INTs last season. That sounds like a recipe for disaster for an Iowa team about to face a solid secondary in a tremendously loud and hostile stadium.

The poll at the end of the article, however, tells a different story. 57% of the constituency has chosen Iowa to win, though the official results have yet to be tabulated.

Regardless of the pundits, expect a hard-fought game tomorrow night.