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The Return Of Breaston Returning? Egads

Yesterday, Week 1 Savior Steve Breaston tweeted flirtingly about whether or not he'd be returning kicks/punts in lieu of Grease Fingers McGee, Max Komar, in Week 2's game against the Atlanta Falcons.


I really hope not. With Early Doucet out with a sports hernia, Larry Fitzgerald nursing a still-sore knee, and both Andre Roberts and Max Komar dealing with the dropsies, the Arizona Cardinals receiving corps would be devastated if Breaston was injured fighting for field position on a return.


If necessary, Whisenhunt can throw a lineman out there and tell him, "Catch the ball, tuck it into your gut and just walk toward the opposite end zone" and see how long he can stay upright. Anything to keep "Bill" S. Breaston, Esquire from joining the ranks of the hobbled.