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Suns Rumored To Be Interested In Erick Dampier

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Sure, he's the guy that the old run-and-gun Suns would run right off the court and force the Mavs to play Dirk at the five. In other years, he was the guy that Shaq called "Ericka" and would love to power through. And most recently he was known as one of the most grossly over paid players in the league thanks to a 7-year, $73 million contract that the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban paid out.

Now, the 34-year-old center is a free agent and the Phoenix Suns are rumored to be interested in him along with several other teams.

Twitter / Chris Mannix: SI Sources: Houston, Miami ...
SI Sources: Houston, Miami, Phoenix and Toronto interested in free agent center Erick Dampier

I've never been a Dampier fan but that was in large part due to his over-blown salary.

As a big man backing up Robin Lopez he could provide both depth to a guy who's had two major injuries already in his two-year career and also provide a veteran big body to bang against in practice.

Watching Robin run the floor and match-up with the likes of Dwayne Jones and Gani Lawal, it's pretty clear that the size differential is leaving young Lopez without the kind of fellow big man he needs to prepare for games against Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden.

Dampier is a lot of things, slow being one of them, but he's got a lot of experience and he's got one thing the Suns coaching staff can't teach - size.

I say if the price is right, go for it.