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Wisconsin Won't "Badger" ASU's Threet

OK, well, maybe the 11th-ranked Badgers will affect Threet with a pass rush, but the Michigan native and former Wolverine QB (hence, a Big Ten veteran) has witnessed the craziness of Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis., before.

"It'll be intense," Threet said. "There will be about 80,000, it will sell out. We'll be excited to play in that type of environment."

Threet has never played in the stadium but he's been to two games there, one when he was on a recruiting trip to Wisconsin and the other when he was a redshirt for Michigan in 2007 and he went to see his team play.

"The score is what will offset the crowd noise the most," Threet said. " If they're up, it's going to be loud, that's just how it goes with away games."

Threet has played the Badgers at Michigan Stadium and won. In 2008, he spurred a come-from-behind win with a 58-yard run that set up a touchdown as Michigan rallied from a 19-0 halftime deficit for a 27-25 win. 

The long run came on a read option, and Threet lamented being caught from behind on the play.

The weather forecast calls for rain and a high of 63 degrees in Madison on Saturday. But Threet isn't too worried about the weather since he's from the Midwest. 

It's a battle of a pair of 2-0 teams - one ranked and the other seeking more respect.

"It's a great opportunity," Threet said. "I know they're ranked pretty high. It's an opportunity for us to go out and see how we do in a hostile environment against a good team."