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Al McCoy's Abbreviated Broadcast Schedule For The Suns Means The End Is Near

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I know the day when Al McCoy retires is coming, but I'm not sure Suns fans are ready for it. Luckily, today isn't that day, but it was close.

The Phoenix Suns and Mr. McCoy -- I refuse to refer to a legend and personal favorite as just Al -- announced Wednesday morning that McCoy will take "select East Coast road trips" off this season. Long time public address announcer and the voice of ASU Women's Basketball Jeff Munn will fill in during his absence.

While this doesn't signify the end of Mr. McCoy's career, it means we are inching closer to the final chapter of this illustrious ride.

If you are anything like me, you are a card-carrying member of the "Church of Shazzam" and some of your favorite Suns memories come with their own soundtrack courtesy of Mr. McCoy. Whether it's a Dan Majerle three accompanied by the word "Shazzam" engrained in your brain, a Gar Heard shot going through because "somebody up there is on our side" or a driving floater by the "Nash Rambler," he's been a part of it all.

If you were to ask many who the greatest Sun of all time is, you'd hear people say Steve Nash, Connie Hawkins and Charles Barkley. For my money, it's Mr. McCoy. He's a Hall of Famer who has been the voice of Phoenix's most beloved franchise for 40 seasons and has been there through the good and the bad.

Earlier today, KTAR's Dave Burns tweeted out that "McCoy is absolutely one of the reasons why I got into this biz. Some grew up on Scully or Harwell, I had Al". I completely agree with the sentiment and I'm willing to bet all the money in my checking account -- all $54 of i t-- that we aren't the only two in the Valley who entered the business because of his dulcet tones and the passion his descriptions sparked inside of us.

If his 41st season proves to be his last, we can only hope that we find out before it's over. Mr. McCoy deserves a farewell tour that includes gifts and recognition. Whether we find out or not, one thing is for sure: fans should cherish his calls of the game because they won't be around forever.

And that's just "heartbreak hotel."