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ASU Preps For Wisconsin -- With Ozzy, Metallica And Linkin Park

Sun Devils practice was, if nothing else, entertaining on Tuesday. The coaches decided to pump in some loud noise into the Dickey Dome while Steven Threet ran the offense in practice.

Threet got the plays from the sideline via hand signals and ran plays, while heavy metal blared from speakers on both sides of the field. It was bit strange to hear "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" while watching football.

Some of the players were feeling it, so were some observers. I mean, who can't appreciate this? Here's a hint -- he's kind of hard to understand sometimes. 

I caught Sun Devils Trevor Kohl, James Brooks, Christopher Coyle and Dan Knapp doing some air guitar/head banging. Good stuff. 

Linebacker Shelly Lyons (pictured below) said the music probably didn't simulate what the noise will be like at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis., home of the Badgers, this Saturday when ASU plays there. 


"But it's good for some of the young guys to play against some noise behind them, just to see what it feels like," Lyons said. 

Lyons made me proud when he said he's never played in a place louder than Autzen Stadium, home of my Oregon Ducks. As for Wisconsin, he said, "I heard it gets pretty crazy down there...We have to see."