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Heavy Underdog Cardinals Look To Pick It Up Against Falcons, Sunday 10 A.M. AZT

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The Arizona Cardinals are a 6.5-point underdog going into Atlanta for Week 2 against the Falcons, who lost their season opener to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Six and a half points are lot to be giving up, even on the road. It just goes to show you how little people think of the Cardinals this year. And let's be honest: they didn't exactly win over a lot of people with that sloppy performance in St. Louis against the Rams. Of course, it could be much worse ... just ask the 49er fans.

Unlike the Jets and Packers, the Cardinals survived Week 1 without any injuries of note and all the talk so far is about getting better before facing the Falcons.

We kick off our Week 2 coverage with a some links looking back on Sunday's win over the Rams:

View from the division rivals after their dismal Week 1: