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John Treloar In 2008 Explains Ties To Lance Blanks And Cleveland Cavaliers

We found this interview that Treloar did when he was hired in 2008 to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers D-league affiliate team, the Erie Bayhawks.

The interview details Treloar's qualifications to coach in the D-league and how he was hired by the Cavs front office including Blanks.

Cavaliers: One-on-One with Erie BayHawks Coach John Treloar
Then, Danny invited me to come to Cleveland right around the time of the first round of the Playoffs. I remember being there for Game 1 of the Wizards series, and that’s when I had a chance to sit down with the principal people in the process – Danny (Ferry) and Lance Blanks and Chris Grant, as well as their business partner in this project, Steve Demetrio.