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The Good And The Bad From Week 1

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Five Things That Were Good

1. Steve Breaston's outstanding hustle on the defensive end in stopping two potential touchdowns off Arizona fumbles the Rams' recovered. 

2. Adrian Wilson's all-around dominant play; he accrued two interceptions, a sack, and a blocked field goal. Possibly the best single game of his career.

3. Greg Toler's solid play at cornerback. His stats didn't jump out of the box score, but he did a respectable job while being targeted most of the game. His 13 tackles were greatly appreciated.

4. Derek Anderson started off strong, but nose-dived with seven consecutive incompletions that stalled the offense in the middle of the game. However, he shook it off, and finished with a 6-for-7 passing drive that scored the go-ahead touchdown. Gotta give it up for tenacity.

5. The Cardinals pulled out a win in an inter-divisional road game that was about as ugly as it could be. Seven fumbles and a crap load of penalties later, the Cards are lucky to be 1-0.

Five Things That Were Bad

1. Tim Hightower. Come on now, THT. If you're going to fumble, please wait until the fourth quarter of a blowout game. You have a knack for losing the ball at the worst possible times.

2. Play-by-play phrase-of-the-day: "D.Anderson pass incomplete [insert field position] to L.Fitzgerald" ... there's more chemistry in your average English class.

3. Max Komar's butterfingers. No Cardinals fan would be shocked if Komar were cut today. I'm guessing he's still on the team, though, since he saw the field even after his last devastating fumble.

4. Larry Fitzgerald's knee. He was obviously a broken man last night. He tried (oh, how he tried), but all is not right with Fitz. Let's hope time heals this wound.

5. The O-line. Anderson took hit after hit, but luckily stayed upright. The line was not able to open a whole lot of running lanes, nor prevent QB pressure.