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Could Michigan Quarterback Situation Land Arizona State Forcier? (Don’t You Dare Try To Shatter My Dreams)

It was only one game, but Rich Rodriguez seems to have found "his guy" at quarterback in sophomore Denard Robinson, a guy like Pat White was at West Virginia. He can throw, he can run, and he looks good doing both.

The only thing is that he has displaced Tate Forcier, who had himself a solid freshman year in 2009. He now finds himself third on the depth chart behind Robinson and freshman Devin Gardner, after being a long shot (50-1 odds) for this year's Heisman.

The rumors are starting to swirl that he might want to transfer out of Michigan. The Sun Devils took advantage of a situation similar to this not too long ago. Current starting QB Steven Threet was a Rich Rodriguez casualty and, at least after one start, looks like he could be pretty solid.

I know it was against Portland State, but he was an accurate 14-21 (could have been 18-21 were it not for drops by receivers who have a reputation of having good hands) for 238 yards. He made quick, good reads, made good short, medium, and deep throws. (Yes, he can even throw the ball down the field well, unlike his counterpart in the state a couple of hours south of Tempe.)

So what does this have to do with Robinson, Forcier and Michigan? Well, let's say that Threet has a very good year. Forcier could see how a Michigan guy could go over to ASU and be successful.

Forcier will likely stick with the Wolverines this year just because it is early in the season and Robinson could go down with an injury or might not play like he did against Connecticut every week. But suppose that Robinson keeps up his level of play. Forcier is done playing there.

Since Threet only has one year left of eligibility after this season, Forcier could transfer here and use his redshirt year next year while he sits because of NCAA rules. He then would be poised to take over in 2012 and play for two years like Threet will have done.

Before anyone cries foul and mentions Brock Osweiler, please note that Forcier has already shown he can play at the highest level of college football. Osweiler has potential but still has not shown it in a game. Personally, I am not sold yet on whether Osweiler will ever be "the guy." So I certainly would not cry a tear to see him get passed over for a talent like Forcier.

Yes, this is pure conjecture. It is only a rumor that he is even thinking about transferring. I have heard nothing about any connections to Arizona State. But wouldn't it be cool for the Sun Devil faithful to see this storyline repeat itself, only with an upgraded player?

I'm not exactly sure how to go about getting this to happen, but someone should talk to someone who knows a guy who can mention to another guy that knows the now third-string quarterback at Michigan that we'd love to have him trade in his maize and blue for maroon and gold.

After all, if it works once, why change a good thing? We could just consider Michigan ASU's minor league team to develop quarterbacks.