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Gani Lawal Live Chat: Tuesday, Noon AZT

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New Suns forward Gani Lawal has earned a lot of early praise from the coaching staff.

From what we've seen in Vegas Summer League and voluntary workouts, it won't be too long before fans are cheering "Gaaaaani" just like they used to do for "Louuuuuuuuuu".

Gani looks like he will give all the hustle and energy the Amundson brought, and explode to the rim for thunderous dunks, plus has the added bonus of legit post moves.

As a rookie behind some very good players, it isn't likely that Gani will get a ton of floor time this season, but there will likely come a point in the next few months when the Suns look very smart for signing him to a two-year deal.

Gani, in my few interactions with him so far, comes across as a very smart guy and a dedicated pro. Here's your chance to ask him some questions and get to know this newest Sun better.

After voluntary workouts on Tuesday, September 14th at about noon Arizona time, Gani will answer questions in the comments of this story.

You can start leaving questions now and of course join live at noon and Gani will respond live.