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Kurt Warner On Matt Leinart

Mike Florio of notes that former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner went on 910AM in Phoenix and was asked about the situation surrounding current quarterback Matt Leinart, who finds himself backing up Derek Anderson and on the trade block.

“Coach has thought long and hard and watched every play since way back when they started this offseason, and the evaluation process starts with Coach and goes through I’m sure a number of other people,” Warner said. “And they’re weighing a lot of different things to come to the final conclusion, whatever that is. You know, so I think that’s where it’s hard. Everybody looks at two preseason games and thinks, ‘Well, that’s not enough.’ But you have to understand that this process has been going on for a while.”

Florio writes that he agrees with Kurt Warner regarding Leinart and that the former USC Trojan quarterback should be dealt.

Warner is right. Leinart didn’t lose his job in two weeks; Leinart systematically has been putting himself in this position over the last four years. He has received every opportunity to succeed. In 2010, Leinart was backed up with a failed starter from the Browns, hardly a worth adversary.