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All Three Teams Reportedly Interested In Leinart Deny Interest In Leinart Leaving No Teams Interested In Leinart

The day started with so much promise for those looking to dump Matt Leinart and his high-completion rate, low leadership quotient on some other poor suspecting NFL team. But it would seem that trashing your own guy is not good way for Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals to increase Leinart's trade value.

Go figure.

The latest of the three to deny interest are the Giants who instead want a veterans backup who doesn't think he's a legitimate NFL starter. Which pretty much is what Derek Anderson was when he came to Arizona to be the backup. Oh sweet irony.

Twitter / Jay Glazer: Giants are not interested ...
Giants are not interested in trading for matt leinart. They are looking for a veteran backup who's perfectly content w being eli's backup

To recap, the Bills denied ever talking to the Cardinals despite reports they talked to the Cardinals about Leinart this summer.

Al Davis and Raiders threw a minor tissy-fit over being linked to Leinart which on second thought probably means they are interested.

So, depending on whether you take the Raiders for their word, this leaves the Cardinals trying to peddle Matt and his big remaining contract and inconvenient desire to be a starting quarterback and as damaged goods that no other team is likely to trade for.

Most likely now is they waive him and Matt gets to be a free agent and sign a brand new deal with someone who believes in him is desperate when their starter goes down with injury or stinks up the joint.

Does anyone see the Cardinals keeping Leinart now? Kind of hard to imagine that bridge hasn't been torched by both sides.