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Gibby's Pregame Notes: Brandon Allen Gets Start For Justin Upton

For a guy who played with such passion, Gibby sure has turned out to be about as emotionally flat as any coach/manager out there. That's not to say he's without humor but he certainly lacks any kind of engaging spark when he delivers he monotone pre or post game chats.


  • Brandon Allen, recently called up from Reno where he .261 with 72 runs scored, 18 doubles, 3 triples, 25 home runs and 86 RBI in 107 games, will get the start today in left field and will bat eight in the order.
  • Parra will start again in right for Upton who continues to rest his shoulder. Gibby expects him to play on Friday and made it sound like they were just being cautious with him.
  • LaRoche is back in at first base after resting his knee last night.
  • Gibby said that Allen will continue to see time in left but could also play some first base in games against teams not in playoff contention. He said he would play "our guys" in games that had postseason implications.
  • Kelly Johnson will play tonight but get Friday off. Gibby said that Kelly has played "the right way" and was given the option of taking more time off during the month of September but Kelly wants to keep playing. Tony Abreu will get the start Friday at second and will continue to get some playing time down the stretch.
  • Gibby said he and the coaching staff discussed Allen's facing ace Mat Latos in his first appearance this year but them's the breaks.
  • Kirk faced Goose Gossage in his appearance. He struck out on three pitches in what he described as a 30 second at bat.
  • One aspect of the Gibby regime that's starting to make itself known more is pitching inside and off the plate with purpose. He's not talking about brush-back pitches but believes that there are few hitters who can handle a ball near his hands and a couple of good pitches in can open up the rest of the plate.
  • Gibby cited Ian Kennedy's 1st at bat against Tejada in last night's game which set up a big AB later in the game.