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Matt Leinart Situation: Whisenhunt Puts Self In Hot Seat

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How can Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt go from praising Matt Leinart's progress as a leader just weeks before camp to dumping the heir apparent just a few weeks later?

Whisenhunt has yet to fully explain this decision, which is his right -- unless it blows up in his face.

To paraphrase what Mark Asher on Sports 620 KTAR said yesterday afternoon, the path of least resistance for the coach would have been to play Leinart as planned. His numbers this preseason were solid (his 82.6 completion percentage is the best in the NFL), but, as Whiz said many times, it's not about the stats. Obviously, it's not.

By playing Leinart in the regular season -- which, as Kurt Warner said yesterday, is the only true test -- Whisenhunt would not be criticized if Leinart failed. At that point, he could have replaced Leinart with Derek Anderson and no one would blink an eye. Bye bye, Matt.

Instead, by pulling the plug on Leinart before giving him an opportunity to succeed or fail, the results are squarely on Whisenhunt's shoulders. Should Anderson revert to form and toss the ball away and fail to improve his accuracy, there is no one the coach can hide behind.

It's a ballsy move for sure, and he had better be right ... or Jared Dudley will be all over him.

Twitter / Jared Dudley: Maybe it's just me but I'm ...
Maybe it's just me but I'm a Matt Lineart believer!!!! No he's know @kurt13warner, but he's had a solid pre season..19-23 with 1 TD no int

Twitter / Jared Dudley: He's has to be the starter ...
He's has to be the starter of the cards..They've invested to much money..having Anderson start in the pre season sends the wrong message

Twitter / Jared Dudley: I remember when Kerry Coll ...
I remember when Kerry Collins!!!! Was starting over Vince Young.. It took them goin 0-6 and the owner for him to get a 2nd chance