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Report: Leinart Rumors Expand To Include Three Teams

Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that three teams are interested in Matt Leinart:

Three teams have discussed trading for QB Matt Leinart -- Bills, Raiders, Giants. Now we wait to see if any pull trigger by this weekend.

The Bills have denied the rumor somewhat emphatically: has confirmed that the Bills have not had any discussions with the Cardinals in regards to Matt Leinart and aren’t anticipating any in the future. The report is simply not true.

In Buffalo, where Trent Edwards is expected to be the starter, Leinart would battle for the backup position. SB Nation's Buffalo Rumblings hash out how Leinart would fit in the Bills system and why they would have a $13 million backup quarterback.

Nothing yet from the two other rumored teams, but plenty of other Matt-entric links out there. - Birdbits
"Matt Leinart has to go," Lombardi said. "Nobody in Arizona's locker room is confident that he can be the quarterback. So once you've lost the locker room, where are you going? People say 'oh, he can be a backup', for what? Nobody believes that he can play. Larry Fitzgerald doesn't want him on the field when he's in the game because he thinks he's going to get hung out to dry on a deep ball. So, it's very concerning, and I think the fans missed that.

Feels like end game for Matt Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
This can only happen if the Cardinals had serious reservations about Leinart all along, or if something significant happened behind the scenes more recently, or if ownership was more committed to Leinart than the coaching staff was -- an angle I'd like to hear Whisenhunt address. Something isn't adding up.

Podcast: Ken Whisenhunt on Matt Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
On Matt Leinart's feeling that he needed an explanation following his benching: It was communicated with Matt last Thursday and explained that we were going to start Derek [Anderson] in Chicago, as well as the reasons behind it. I can understand if he didn’t like the explanation or if he disagreed with it. However, I am comfortable in the way it was communicated and the way we communicate to all our players in general. There were a number of other positions where we made changes. … It's really not singling one person out. It’s about trying to find the best team for us as we go into the regular season a week and a half from now.

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