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Grant Hill Hooping With Obama While Nash Interns On Wall Street

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Some professional basketball players spend their summer getting facials and flying their private jets to Montana to go fly fishing and others work out and enjoy a dip in the ocean.

That won't cut it for the Suns renaissance men, Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

Sure, they both enjoyed some travel and family time this summer but there's always more in life for these two.

peHUB " Steve Nash Drives Into Venture Capital
"There are a lot of guys who finish playing and then have no idea what to do with themselves," Nash told me during a recent phone call. "I’m not done yet but, when I am, I do not want to become one of them."

Nash, the consummate capitalist, took an internship with a New York venture capital firm focused on, "consumer-oriented companies with scalable, large-growth brand potential."

Vitamin Water, part-owner of the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps, film producer. Is there anything the Most Interesting Canadian In The World can't do?

Grant Hill did a bit hobnobbing himself. Son of a Washington insider and a guy who's political career is only limited by his own ambition, Hill was seen playing hoops with the Prez himself.

Obama gets to test his game against hoops greats
Obama, who turned 49 on Wednesday, took to the court for a game with a stunning list of all-stars, including Grant Hill, Shane Battier, Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Derek Fisher, LeBron James, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Maya Moore, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Bill Russell, Etan Thomas, Dwyane Wade and David West. The game was closed to the media.

What have you done this summer?