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Coyotes Ownership Situation Clouded, Season Tickets Sales Slow

According to a report from the ever reliable and never biased Canadian media, the City of Glendale is now talking to three more groups about a potential purchase of the team. Included in the potential new (old) suitors is the on-again, off-again Jerry Reinsdorf.

Ice Edge Holdings lost the right exclusively negotiate with the City of Glendale when it failed to produce proof that it had the financial firepower to buy the team.

The report from states that, "Another source close to the team said that only 1,800 season tickets have been sold for the 2010-11 season."

Wonder why fans would be unwilling to commit to an owner-less team?

Then again, the folks north of the border have been more than willing to pile on rumor and gossip regarding the Coyotes troubled situation so who knows.

Bidding for the bankrupt Texas Ranger ended up with two powerful groups driving up the price to $385 million while no one has stepped up in Phoenix to save the Coyotes. The deflated real estate market, which has always been a key driver of the local economy, certainly can't help, but there's little doubt that apathy for the fate of hockey in the desert is playing it's part as well.