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What Cleveland Says About Lance Blanks

Let's take a look at what the Cleveland media is saying about our new GM.

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Blanks was especially effective in working with players during his time with the Cavs. He was also an integral part of recruiting new coach Byron Scott to the team.

The Cavaliers organization:

“Lance has been a great person to work with for the last five years,” Cavs GM Chris Grant said in a statement. “He has been a key part of a special group that has helped establish a culture of success that our organization can be very proud of and continue to build off of into the future. He deserves this opportunity and we wish Lance the best as he moves on to the Suns.”

There’s not too much to say, but we need to see what Blanks will do with this Suns team over the next two or three years. I’m excited about the possibilities.