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New Mystery Owner Bidding For Coyotes As Ice Edge Holdings Backs Off

As the Coyotes turn...

The latest in this never-ending game of "Who will buy the Coyotes" is news today from the Phoenix Business Journal that a mysterious rich guy is now in the running to boy the team and (allegedly) wants to keep them in Glendale.

Ice Edge, after all their big talk about having the money to pull off the deal seems resigned for taking a back seat and setting for a minor league hockey team in a minor league hockey city.

Ice Edge announced Monday it was focused on bringing an ECHL minor league hockey team to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Ice Edge CEO Keith McCullough said in a statement Monday his investment group could have some involvement with the new Coyotes ownership group.

"We understand another party that we have become acquainted with is in advanced negotiations with Glendale and an announcement could happen soon. If this occurs, we expect to continue to be involved with the Coyotes as an adviser for the foreseeable future," McCullough said.


Now we wait to find out who this mystery owner is.

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