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Former Sun Devil, Current Reds Pitcher Mike Leake On DL With Shoulder Fatigue

Former ASU Sun Devil standout and current Cincinnati Reds rookie pitcher Mike Leake has been placed on the DL with shoulder fatigue after giving up six runs in a recent relief appearance. Leake, 22, had recorded a nice 3.85 ERA in about 138 innings up to that point.

When the Reds were in town 11 days ago, his manager Dusty Baker, talked about Leake and specifically was asked if there were signs of fatigue.

"No really. Everybody's looking for fatigue," Baker said. "He's getting some balls up in the zone a little bit plus this is the big leagues, guys aren't just going to keep letting you get them out. "

At the time, Baker hinted at this move to rest Leake saying that they had an innings limited in mind and might want to save him a bit at some point in case they need him in September or in the playoffs.

Baker praised Leake for his ability to warm up quickly if he's coming out of the bullpen as well as his ability to throw strikes early in the count and handle the bat.

Leake, while in town, was also observed fulfilling another important rookie role that involved a pink kid's backpack.