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Game Wrap: Cardinals Win 14-9

Coach Whisenhunt may have a good problem on his hands.

Both Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart put together QB ratings over 100 on Saturday night, leading the Cardinals to a convincing win over the Bears.

Anderson completed 7 of 12 passes for 94 yards and a touchdown, while Leinart was 9 for 10, adding 84 yards and a touchdown pass of his own.

Max Hall and John Skelton both saw time, with Hall being more impressive (albeit during the game’s waning minutes).

Stephen Williams, the rookie out of Toledo, impressed again with five catches for 79 yards and a TD.

The defense intercepted Jay Cutler twice, but found Dan LeFevour, the rookie out of Central Michigan, to be a much tougher test: LeFevour was able to go 10 for 12 with a touchdown and 100 yards in the air.

All in all, Coach Whisenhunt has to be pleased with what happened in the Windy City. Look back for more coverage of his impressions of the game soon.