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Like Brad Pitt, The Arizona Cardinals And Ken Whisenhunt Have "Too Many" Options

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Question the plan all you want. Ken Whisenhunt has everything under control, whether you believe it or not.

When the Cardinals' coach decided to name Derek Anderson his starter for Saturday's preseason game against the Chicago Bears, many viewed it as the end of Matt Leinart and the beginning of the Derek Anderson era.

It wasn't. Rather, it proved to be motivation for both of Arizona's quarterbacks, and that may have just been Whisenhunt's plan all along.

Both Leinart and Anderson answered the bell with impressive performances.

Anderson went 7-for-12 for 94 yards and a touchdown. Leinart matched that with an equally impressive 9-for-10 for 84 yards and a touchdown (which probably should have been two touchdowns if not for a Beanie Wells redzone fumble).

A first team offense that struggled to pick up first downs in its first three preseason games managed to pile them up against the Chicago defense, and two quarterbacks in search of rhythm hit their stride.

Instead of the mess he was faced with last week, Whisenhunt now has a new kind of problem. The best kind of problem. He now has "too many" options (if that is ever possible).

It was the best result anyone could have asked for and the one the head coach was setting the stage for all preseason.

Like Brad Pitt having to choose between Angelina and Jen, he has to choose between two options with baggage, but very attractive in their own right.

So question the plan all you want. Like Pitt, Whisenhunt has two qualified options while others are struggling to find one.