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Future Arizona Wildcat QB Ruled Ineligible To Play High School Football (Again)

The Daxx Garman story is one of intrigue and deception.

Garman won an Oklahoma district championship in 2009 while playing for Jones. The issue? He really lived into Choctaw, and this discrepancy caused the school to have to forfeit its championship and vacate the wins.

The most interesting part? Garman has to sit out this season as well... only if he were still living in Oklahoma. So the family moved him to Texas, where he sought to play for Southlake Carroll. After some digging by a Dallas TV station, Garman was ruled ineligible to play there as well.

You should watch the video: investigative reporting of this caliber is usually reserved for politics and big business, not high school football. But this is Texas we're talking about, and high school football is king.

Oh, and Southlake could really use the kid: they lost 35-14 last night without him. Despite this issue, he is still committed to the University of Arizona, and is considered a 74 grade prospect by ESPN Insider.