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The Sports Retorters Podcast: Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson And The Enigma That Is Ken Whisenhunt

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The Sports Retorters is SB Nation Arizona's first foray into the world of podcasting. On this weekly show, you'll get the best of the week in Arizona and national sports debated in a fast-paced, fun and hopefully entertaining manner. In the inaugural episode, hosts Greg Esposito and Bryan Gibberman take a look at the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback battle between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson. They also play a round of Pop Ups, ask whether ASU is being petty over a UofA prank and call out Jay Mariotti and Bill Simmons.

The show is fully interactive. You can leave a voicemail or text the guys at (480) 442-2PHX (2749), email them at, tweet them @The_Real_Espo and @Bgibbs10 or leave a comment below.

Pop Ups: Sports meets culture

Tougher rebuilding project: Jerry Dipoto with the D-Backs or Christopher Nolan when he took over the Batman Franchise?

More Likely to happen: Steve Nash wins a championship or the Anchorman 2 gets made

More likely to be famous in three years: Max Hall or the Situation

Who breaks out of their slump first: Tiger Woods or Mad Men's Don Draper

Who gets back together first: Darrelle Revis and the Jets or Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Question of the Week:

Is ASU being petty by threatening to sue over the fact that redirects to Arizona's official athletic site?


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