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Audio: Matt Leinart Radio Interview Addresses Cardinals Quarterback Situation

Matt Leinart was on Sports 620 KTAR's Gambo and Ash show (with Dave Burns filling in for Asher).

Here's the audio for that interview where Leinart talks about Coach Whisenhunt's decision to start Derek Anderson in the Cardinal's third preseason game against the Chicago Bear's on Saturday.

Audio: Leinart on KTAR 082710

Leinart struck a slightly defiant tone and made it pretty clear that he doesn't feel like his coach has given him clear expectations.

Leinart has gotten far few snaps than Anderson so far in the two preseason games so either Whisenhunt isn't happy with what he's seen in practice or he's playing some mind-games with Leinart to fire him up and raise the performance level.

Gambo feels that Whisenhunt has never bought into Leinart as the team's quarterback and hasn't given him the a fair shot to show his stuff in game situations. Burns trusts Whisenhunt to do the right thing and thinks that if Leinart hasn't won the job by now, than the team should make a change.

There's no question now that both Anderson and Leinart will be under a microscope when they play on Saturday.


Fans at Revenge of the Birds blog still are not sold on Derek Anderson being the solution.